Sweet Moments

17 Aug

In Seattle, we’ve been blessed with a quiet Summer this year. While the rest of the country sits in an oven, we’re chillin in our 70 degrees of perfection. Although, I wouldn’t mind warmer temps for swimming I’m quite content that I am not spending many sleepless nights, tossing and turning in sweat and discomfort.

The evenings here have been gorgeous. Just plain pleasant. Desperately wanting some fresh air one day, I pulled my 3 year old daughter and my 1 year old son outside. It was about 6:30 or 7pm and we played around a bit and did some exploring.

Before heading in for the night (and before the mosquitos discovered us!) I collapse on the hammock and place both kids on either side of me.

We stare up at the towering evergreens holding the hammock (and us) up as we quietly rock back and forth. Peaceful moments like this are truly treasured. I break the silence and ask, “Veronica, look how tall those trees are.” Veronica and I stare up in awe as she breaths a “Yeees.” and then she continues,

“Thank you, Jesus, for holding up our hammock!”

Did that come out of my 3 year olds mouth? I smiled widely. It was an answer to a question I have been asking myself, “Am I doing my job? Raising my children in the faith?” Do I do enough as a human to be a good influence and as a follower of Christ?

I always tend to focus on the negative when it regards me. My temper for one. Sometimes I truly believe that that trait of mine overshadows everything else. And there is no room for good traits. I feel awful when I show my temper around my children. And then I see some of it seep out of Veronica from time to time.

But I suppose I should cut myself some slack. In reality I love my children very much and will do anything for their well-being. I try hard as a mom. And being a mom has improved me in so many ways.

However, raising my children begins with me and my husband. We must first fix little things here and there in our own lives if we want to instill promising traits in our children. And although things are improving (with me) at a snail’s pace it is still improving. And that certainly shined through Veronica that evening on the hammock.

It was a sweet moment and a moment that God answered me back saying, “Kerry, you’re doing alright.”


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