I Have No Idea What I Am Doing But I’m Going to do it Anyway…

13 Sep

While at Veronica’s little dance/gym class I noticed that the other little girls were carrying around the cinch knapsacks. Veronica was carting this tote bag around that held her dancing shoes and extra clothes. I was thinking of trying to locate something like what the little girls had so Veronica didn’t have this huge bag to carry around. Then I decided, what the heck, I’ll make her one. Veronica chose this pretty fabric that came from these bags of scrap fabric that I scored (for FREE) at a garage sale. She loved the blue clouds and that there was a blue rainbow. I cut the fabric into two identical squares…er…more like rectangles (and depending on how big you want the bag you can really just eyeball how big you want the rectangles). I had some leftover tulle from my wedding and I “attempted” to sew a few layers of it on one of the fabric pieces. This was to get the look of a tutu. I have to admit that tulle is a pain in the arse to sew but I managed to do it.

I placed both the fabrics together…the colored part facing eachother…and I sewed the bottom of the bag together. Then the sides. I folded the top part down about an inch to make way for something to cinch the back (in this case, I eventually used a blue ribbon because I have no rope). I sewed the top part except for a couple inches so I could leave room for the ribbon to be pushed through. I attached a safety pin on the edge of the ribbon and fed it through the top. After I made it around I cinched the bag and left about 6 or so inches of ribbon on both sides to use almost like purse straps and I knotted them together. Voila. You have a very functional…although, in my case, messy….dance bag!


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