15 Sep

God is everywhere.

He is in everything.

He is in everyone.

He is the lap of water on the ocean shore.

He is in the gentle breeze that shakes the leaves.

He is in the awe of the most majestic mountain.

He is the sparkle of the diamond in my wedding ring.

He is in the softness of my husband’s eyes.

He is the delight in my children’s giggles.

He is the nudge of the baby in the mother’s womb.

He is in the intercessions of Mary. The saints and angles.

He is in our troubles.

Our wants.

Our losses.

Our sufferings.

And where are we for God?

Are we thinking of Him amidst the beautiful trees?

Is He in the breath of our wedding vows?

Is He the hand that glides over the pregnant belly?

Or the smile acknowledging a chatty baby?

Is He in our minds during our toils?

Do we ask for His company in our most sorrowful moments?

Are our hands extended to the service of others, in His name?

Do we live, daily in the service of He who created us?

He who is in everything and IS everything?

God’s love is everlasting. May we show the same in return.










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