Handel, Gershwin and Madness

25 Oct

I’ve been working with preschool aged childred for YEARS. I should know better.

Last month I started homeschooling my 3 year old daughter, Veronica.

I imagined a happy, quiet, well-behaved little individual who sat cross-legged and hung on every word I said…with a smile and  nod.

I kept telling myself, “You’re crazy. You’ve dealt with preschoolers before, Kerry. Let’s be realistic here.” Okay. So I have tried to be realistic. But I couldn’t help but at least hope she’d hang on to everything I said.


My 3 year old daughter. She’s typical. I should have seen it coming.

It’s not that she isn’t interested. She is, actually. She enjoys “school”. Morning prayer, flag salute and calendar followed by “circle time” which involves stories from the Bible and books that go along with the week’s theme. Then there are additional craft projects and letter/number recognition, counting, and beginning handwriting. It’s all included. But it’s not necessarily neat and orderly.

I suppose my big failure is the expectation that it will be exactly like a classroom experience. There is an exact time when school begins and an approximate time doing certain subjects, etc, etc. But that isn’t so. Needless to say, I don’t have any outward frustrations if things don’t go as planned. I am surprisingly patient with my child…especially if she shows any sign of frustration herself. I just back off until she is willing to do it herself or asks for help. We’re flexible. And I think that is the beauty in homeschooling.

I recall being in grade school and feeling rushed to get certain assignments done. I stressed and spent many sleepless nights worrying. I was worried about what my teacher would think and, especially, what my classmates would think. To be honest, my school years weren’t the most spectacular. And although I do have lovely memories from my school days I am glad it is all over. Parts of it were just plain traumatic! In such a way that I vow my children should never have to deal with that at such young of age.

The best thing, I believe, for my child is not listening to Handel’s “Messiah” while drawing pictures of family members or when she is able to draw the first letter of the alphabet on the chalk board. I think it is the one-on-one time she has with me. All focus is on her and, with that in mind, I’ll be able to know exactly where she is as far as gaining knowledge. And I can be myself with her in educating her on God’s love for us. I can share my passion with her freely and honestly on what He has provided us with (which is everything!).

So, I suppose athough it’s not entirely neat and tidy….it is at least working. Somewhat. I just have to remember the word “lovingly”.


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